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Case Study: Gruup

Learn how we helped Gruup go from an idea, to a desirable App for investors and customers.

In early 2020, Darryll and Simon from Gruup sat down with us to talk about their vision. They were developing an ambitious project aimed transforming the collaboration and presentation space.

By that time Simon had left his job and was working on Gruup full time. They’d set up an extensive business plan, and validated their idea with customers. But not having an internal development team prevented them from taking the next step.

In the next few months they needed to build and launch the App if they wanted to bring their vision to life.

Getting Started

Having worked with us in the past, Darryll and Simon got in touch. They knew we had a method for running software projects which got delivered on time, and with a fixed budget.

What came next was weeks of hard work understanding their business plan and goals. We had to work out how we would achieve all the challenges that they entrusted to us - While keeping within their strict deadline and budget constraints!

In March we decided to join Gruup as their development team, and the project started.

Gruup’s presentation builder and analytics dashboard

Full Speed Ahead

With deadline of May, we quickly got started. Here’s some of the key features we built, and technologies we used:

  • Users would part of different organisations using Gruup, and would want to see all their data in one place.
    • Using Firebase we built a flexible authentication system to support this.
  • Gruup needed to support uploading and previewing a multitude of file types.
    • By leveraging Filestack we saved months of development time.
  • Solid analytics were key, and real-time analytics even better.
    • The powerful Cloud Firestore allowed us to do this, and build an amazing experience for Gruup’s users.

Beyond these features, it was clear the platform had to be flexible and scalable. Gruup had multiple customers lined up, some with more than 500 users they wanted to on-board as part of a trial, so it had to be rock solid!

Gruup’s content collaboration dashboard

Product Launched!

Meeting our deadline required a huge effort, but we succeed together. Gruup went into Beta in May, and launched in June amid much fanfare. 🎉

As Gruup continues to grow and raise investment we couldn’t be happier.

Working with Gruup was an absolute pleasure, and we know they feel the same way about working with us.

“We couldn’t be happier with the App and are really excited to see where we can take it. Version One understood the brief from day one and have worked tirelessly on the final delivery. We’ve been so impressed with their work throughout.”

  • Darryll Bayes / Gruup Co-Founder

Gruup’s promotional video

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